Walking through the clouds at Sagargad, Alibag

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We walked through the monsoon clouds at Sagargad, Alibag

I grew up in Alibag. The first trek I have ever done was Siddheshwar, the base of Sagargad when I was 13 years old. It is definitely my most favorite trek in Alibag. Sandesh Dada, gave me this opportunity to take a bunch of clients to Sagargad. His interest in Sagargad and faith in me brought me to this trip. Two of my sweetest friends Rishika and Samina were on this trip too. This had got to be a beautiful trek in the monsoon.

I was 13 when I trekked this halfway. And then we had 5-6 future trekkers of age 5-6yrs. My chest was full of pride when I saw these little ones breaking my record. What a lovely bunch this is!

This two days trip comprised of Korlai Fort and Sagargad Trek. Undisputedly, both these locations are magnificent. Monsoon brings the colors of freshness into life. Korlai isn’t a big trek but Sagargad surely is. Trekking to both of these magnificent forts in two days is probably too much to explore in 2 days but the second day’s trek to Sagargad was a gift in intself.

We began the trek with a beautiful morning. As we reached the base and started hiking the weather bestowed with its awesomeness. We had just reached above Sagargad Maachi and clouds joined us on the trek. Winds turned the whole scene into mist. It was purely a touch of nature. A hug. A kiss. A mark of love.

Here is the memory that these photos tried to capture.