Let’s Go Outdoors

Let’s go outdoors is an initiative and a company that creates responsible travel in India. We aim to create awareness about our country’s natural beauty and how to experience it. being in this business for past few years and loving nature as a responsible citizen of this country, we focus on inculcating habits to ensure a better form of earth in the future.

If travel is your story, we would like to hear from you. We have been making hundreds of travel storytellers in the past few years. It’s been a great journey so far. We didn’t choose this way to stop.

Our Purpose

Seeding awareness towards biodiversity through mesmerizing holidays and getaways in the midst of nature.

What Do We Offer at Let’s go outdoors?

  • Wildlife holidays
  • adventure sports
  • educational tours
  • Rural holidays that help you unwind, rejuvenate and relieve

Let’s Go Outdoors is a nature orientated company, established with the purpose of providing clients with holidays & getaways that bring them closer to their real selves. At Let’s Go, we believe in taking people to where they belong!

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Our Travel Philosophy

We believe that mesmerizing experiences in the midst of nature, breath-taking picturesque mountains, deep green valleys, limitless oceans, lush forests, playful rivers & sand dunes can bring a greater sense of peace and connection within ourselves and with others around us.

As ancient wisdom describes, man has five layers of experience including the environment, body, mind, intuition and soul. Of which, the environment is at the first level and one of the most important. Like we all know, a positive environment has a positive impact on all the other. An intimate relationship with the environment is inbuilt in ourselves and at Let’s Go, we strive to reinforce, recreate and foster this relationship between man and environment. We strive to seed awareness and encourage respect towards biodiversity, as we offer meaningful holidays to our customers.

So how to get in?

Let’s Go Outdoors focuses on exploring places across the country to give you a wide choice amongst wilderness, adventure, rural tourism so on and so forth. And in a culturally rich country like ours, we are well equipped to offer the best-of-best experiences to you; of snow-capped mountains to scorching hot desserts, beautiful sea shores to amazing river banks, evergreen forests to shrub forests. To add to this beauty of flora & fauna we also offer tours to amazing historical monuments, one of the oldest and richest in the world.

In a world, where greed precedes need, we endeavor to stimulate the positive experiences through a diverse mix of wildlife, adventure and nature holidays. You might enjoy trekking in the woods, or sit in a pine forest, we are well equipped to offer the best. Our purpose is achieved only with our clients returning back to us for another invigorating holiday.

Let’s Go Outdoors is also involved in various nature conservation and orientation activities since inception. We rely on our significant amount of experience with trekking, camping & outdoor activities across popular and unexplored locations in the country. Our expertise is in conducting nature orientation trips for schools, colleges, corporates and nature enthusiasts. We also cater FIT & GIT clients as per their requirements and endeavor to encourage more and more travelers to explore and experience nature, respect it and enjoy it. After all, traveling is investing in yourself.

We are committed to offering you the most amazing outing locations some common destinations but with a twist and some absolutely off-beat, you have never heard of!

So if all of this is what you really love doing too, check out our upcoming events or give a call right away!

Sandesh Lad explaining about birds on Bhandardara Kids Camp

About the Founder

Let's Go Outdoors

Sandesh Lad is a nature enthusiast and conservationist for over 18 years; entrepreneur since 2012. Specialists in camps, treks, educational tours and corporate engagement.

Actively involved in generating awareness towards nature and its conservation, with the objectives of maintaining and encouraging biodiversity and recognising responsibility as a citizen of the earth.

Adventure sport expert; with experience in organising adventure activities and team building activities for corporate and youth.

Prior to taking his passion for nature as a full-time career opportunity, Sandesh has held responsible positions with the British Deputy High Commission, Mumbai for over a decade and also has had a brief stint in PR. His urge to create a difference in the society has been the primary reason to take on his new role as the Founder of Lets Go.

Sandesh enjoys music and has a distinct bent towards philanthropic activities.