Adios 2017 – Let’s Go into the New Year

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This new year’s eve Let’s Go Outdoors organized a camp to Bhandardhara named “ADIOS 2017″. It was 2-day camp ( from 31 December 2017 to 1 January 2018 ).

The journey started from Bandra (Mumbai) with 12 people along with a pet named ‘Olive’ and 2 more joined us directly at the camp. The long bus ride to Bhandardhara just went by while we were playing mafia through which we also got to know one another. Finally, after the 5-hour journey, we reached our destination. We were all welcomed with some lemonade and tea and later on, we went to the main campsite.

bhandardara camp Let's go outdoors

The campsite was beautiful and serene situated at the shore of the Arthur Lake, surrounded by lush green mountains. It was so calm and quiet, far from the noises of the city.
After, exploring the place and clicking some photos we settle down in our tents. In fact, we also got to pitch the remaining tents and then we had snacks and some more tea. After filling our stomach, we all jumped into the lake; it was cold and we were shivering but Olive really enjoyed splashing water on us.

Next, we had a bonfire session with fun games like ABC name game, dumb charades, and storytelling. For dinner, we had amazing home cooked Maharashtrian food with kheer. Later on, for the remaining evening, we shared our best memories of the year and welcomed 2018 with a bottle of champagne.
After the celebration, some got tired and went to sleep whereas, we were just sitting on boat looking at the stars. To our surprise, we went for a boat ride in the pristine lake under the moonlight. It was beautiful and surreal. A perfect start for 2018

The next day, we were woken up by the chirping of the birds and as soon as we went out from warm comfortable tent we got chills due to cold weather even the bonfire had also burnt out. Then we saw the view and was amazed. The sunrise and its reflection on the lake with mountains at the back. It was picturesque.
Later, we had our breakfast and went for a morning boat ride. It quite and everyone was enjoying. Few people on the other boats were shouting and wishing everyone A Happy New Year!!
As we got back to our camp, we had group photos and selfies session and then packed our bags to head back to Mumbai.

Although we were tired by the time we reached Mumbai. The trip was amazing and definitely memorable one. We all had a great experience, met a lot of wonderful people.
It was the perfect way to say goodbye to 2017 and start a New Year for a whole new experience.


Sunita Singh








– Sunita Singh
National Handball Player