Anjarle Turtle festival Experience

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On 20th April we left for Anjarle to experience the baby turtles taking life. This was my first trip and on the trip, I was able to do the things that I was scared of like boating or the things I never did or saw. It was unexpected to see the milky way galaxy on our way to Anjarle. The sky was full of stars, which is rather unusual in the city. It looked beautiful. We saw constellation and planets like Jupiter and Saturn.

It was the best start to our trip. While in the bus I kept admiring the beauty of the wide sky. We visited Suvarnadurg fort which had a really interesting structure and we travelled to the fort by boat. While on our way to the fort, We sighted dolphins. At the fort, Sandesh dada told us about the history and a few facts about it.

Anjarle beach became like a second home, it was so much fun and in fact, it was the first time for me on the beach like this. We played a lot of games on the bus and at the beach. The temperature at night dropped a little and it was pleasantly cool at night. The place where we were staying had trees in front which added to the beauty of the place.
We did boating in backwaters of Konkan. We saw mangroves.

Sandesh dada told me about the importance of Mangroves and how they have adjusted to the changing environment. We clicked a lot of pics. Although we couldn’t see the baby turtles, but I was overjoyed by the time all of us spent together. I got to know about a lot of things about nature, people and more important about myself. I feel it’s always better to go with a group than alone because you meet people coming from diverse backgrounds. We met. We enjoyed and made a lot of memories together.

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Shambhavi Lohia
15 year old student