Why do we celebrate KARVI fest once in every 8 years .

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This looks like any other purple flower in the monsoon session but this is magical & it’s called KARVI.

Karvi plant takes seven years to grow. It is only in its eighth year that it bursts into bloom. This has pink and white buds which blooms into a beautiful purple flowers.This phenomenon, which happens once in every 8 years is also termed as ‘mass flowering’. After this once in a lifetime mass flowering, the bush finally dies out.

The Karvi flowers are rich in pollen and nectar and attract a wide range of species of butterflies, birds and insects including honey bees and carpenter bees that come to feed on their nectar.

The tribals usually collect honey immediately after the mass flowering as the honey is much thicker & darker this session. The tribals also use these leaves for thatching of their huts, covering it with cow dunk. This plant also has some anti microbial, anti fungal properties which are used for tomato productions.

There are many areas in Western Ghats where you can experince Karvi blooming. Go experience it, what are you waiting for? This will again bloom in the year 2024.