Overcoming acrophobia with let’s go outdoors in the waterfall rappelling at Bekare

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Anita Purohit on Waterfall Rappelling at Bekare

We reached the rappelling spot around (I don’t know the time). Looking at those who were enjoying their rappelling activity, my heart skipped a beat.
I was frantic with worry. We were given safety instructions by our adventure experts – Sandesh and Saneej. They gave us information about all the safety gears for the day i.e. high-quality ropes, descenders, seat harnesses, helmets, and a pair of gloves for safety. After listening to their instructions we got ready with our safety gears and reached to the rappelling line. All over the place, I could see the quizzical expression of the participants. I was frightened myself but I was there for waterfall rappelling at Bekare.


It is a thrilling experience to descend a mountain down on a rope that too through a crazy waterfall. But when it’s a dangerous adventure, do it with Let’s go outdoors. They are amazing!

After my friend Shreya, it was my turn to descend a mountain slope. I started crying, being a person with acrophobia (extreme or irrational fear of heights, just in case you don’t know why I cried).

The whole group around started cheering me up. I had almost given up. I pleaded if I could quit this activity. I could literally feel the thud of my heartbeat. I was pulled back by myself. I let two people do their rappelling. I thought to myself, everyone is here for Rappelling, I registered for the same. It was my choice and I had to push myself to do it. And then…
This time too, the fear defeated me!

A while later, Sandesh (founder of Let’s go outdoors) asked me if I could try rappelling for one last time. This time all the eyes were on me and people who were from other group started cheering aloud. My heart whispered, “Anita, PUSH YOUR LIMITS” (the crazy old man keeps saying this). Err… I hit the ground. (Theatrical drum roll) I got blank and all my focus was to get up and reach to the end anyhow, I adjusted myself and got up. I exactly experienced what a rush of Adrenaline means. I was panic struck, a guide came down and started descending along with me. There was a huge rock patch along with a cascading waterfall, the continuous gush of water was all over my face and the wonders of nature took control over me as I slide down to the ground.


We all get to experience waterfall from either above, below or from afar; but this super-duper awesome activity gave me an experience of a waterfall from within it.


When I reached towards the last point, I wished there was no end to this activity. I touched upon the ground, overcoming all my fears of heights and water.
I thank Saneej, Sandesh and his super awesome team. And much thanks to Let’s go outdoors to help me defeat my fears. The feel of adrenaline rush through this crazy activity was a one-lifetime experience. Looking forward to many more trips and treks with Let’s go outdoors.

waterfall Rappelling at Bekare

– Anita Rajpurohit