Educational Trip to Karnataka

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Let’s Go Outdoors for the first time organised a trip for differently able kids for one of the schools in Mumbai. The kids come lower income group and the motto of the trip was to expose them to the historical … Read More

Sunderban – November 2014

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Sunder means beautiful & Ban means forest. As the name suggests, Sunderban is one of the beautiful most forests, one could ever experience in his/ her journey across the country. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the most sorted of all as … Read More

Aurangabad – March 2014

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Aurangabad was called Khadki when it was formed by Malik Ambar (prime minister of Nizam Shah of Ahmadnagar) during early 17th century. Then the name changed to Fatehgadh during the rule of Fateh Khan in 1626 & in Aurangjeb’s rule in 1653 … Read More

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