Travelling with Sandesh Lad and Let’s go outdoors

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Bhandardara was my third trip with Let’s go outdoors but not with the founder, Sandesh Lad.

I have known Sandesh Lad for two years and I trust him enough to rest assured about the quality of the trip. I know, he believes in the memorable experience than just the bunch of photos. He assures value for money with unlimited fun. He doesn’t compromise on the quality of service he provides to his customers.

Sandesh Lad explaining about birds on Bhandardara Kids Camp

He says, “I love to make the best memories for my customers, that’s enough of profit.” I have been to the trips twice as a volunteer and once as a traveler and all my experiences have been amazing no matter if I was a volunteer or a traveler.

I mention this because Sandesh makes sure that his service consumers receive the best care of his fellow caretakers of the group.

It is his hard work which is making me appreciate the trips I’ve been to.  I wish that most of you experience what I have.


Samina Hathiyari

-Samina Hathiyari, Mumbai.