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My trek to the 3rd highest peak of Maharashtra – Harishchandragarh.


Date – 2nd and 3rd December 2017
Place- Harishchandragarh Fort
No. of participants – 10 members
Day 1: 2nd December 2017


Let’s Go outdoors with a group of 10 enthusiasts set out to climb Harishchandragarh on 2nd December. We boarded our bus at Kalanagar, Bandra at 0900 hrs. It was a five-hour long journey and we spent it playing Mafia and interacting with the group members sharing stories of each other’s life expeditions.
After almost four hours of travel, we took a halt for lunch at Rajur around 1400 hrs.

The journey kept getting interesting as we were able to spot some beautiful birds from the bus. We reached Pachnai (starting point) at 1530 hrs. Started trekking around 1630 hrs and were ready to explore the tranquility of the land. Trekking through all the rocky patches and many steep climbs, here we reach the beautiful hill fort, Harishchandragarh. It was almost 1830 hrs and we were welcomed by the majestic view of the moon covered between the silver lining of the sky. We were all awed by the beauty of the place offered to us under the moonlit sky.

Our home for the night were the stone caves. By 2030 hrs, we headed for dinner and relished the authentic Maharashtrian food served by the locals. The cold winds at night got our teeth chatter. It called for a bonfire and it was all set. We enjoyed the bonfire, sharing stories of our earlier expeditions and it went so on and so forth and we called it a day.
Day 2 – 3rd December 2017

We planned to wake up at 0530 hrs, but we were too kind to leave our beds as they were warm and cozy. We woke up at 0630 hrs and freshened up. Wandered around the area exploring the beauty of the five-feet tall Shivling, surrounded by four pillars in the ice-cold water. The four pillars symbolize the four ‘yugas’, three of them are broken and symbolizes the bygones ‘yugas’ that are, sat yug, Treta, Dwapar. The fourth, Kal Yug. We also visited the Harishchandra Temple, dating back to 11th Century.

We had breakfast and progressed to climb Taramati peak. Taramati was the wife of Harishchandra. It was a steep and a bit scary climb, but an amazing one. We were at the top in 45 mins, which was a great timing keeping in mind that most of them were first-timers. Although it was a difficult climb, but worth it. The view ‘Taramati’ offered was worth the pain. We spent some time experiencing the moment and then we started capturing it. Click! Click! Click!

While trekking we realized that, we walked over all the paths possible, we crossed through woods, ducked down under the bushes, crossed boulders, hay, thorns, steep rocky climb, loose rocks, metal ladder, jumped the gaps and what not.

Then moved to Konkan Kada, the mesmerizing beauty. Konkan Kada overhangs vertically giving the view of Konkan Valley. It looks like Cobra’s hood.

We started descending by 1100hrs, at our own pace, enjoying the serene view, lying down to a view of the wide sky which is not very common for a metropolitan resident. Enjoyed refreshing lemonade and reached back to the caves by 1145 hrs.

Quickly freshened up, fastened our shoes and we were set to descend back. We reached back to Pachnai in one and a half hour had lunch at 1400 hrs. We were ready to leave the place with a heavy heart. Goodbyes are always hard. We started our journey back to Mumbai with the lovely memories the place and the people treated us with.
It was not over yet. Destiny had more plans for us.
The entire journey was lit with the Super Moon and the happy members of the group.

P.S. – We made sure nothing from our group was left at the place which would violate the sanctity of the place. We carried garbage bags with us and were disposed in the dustbin at Pachnai.

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