Unexpected sighting at Tadoba Tiger Reserve

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While the sun was on its daily rendezvous, we stepped out in a quest to find the beast. Embraced by the green geographical picture, we entered the big cat’s lair. With an unbeaten curiosity, mapping our way through the forest. Tadoba is known for legendary sightings. So, it goes without saying that we expected to sight at least one. Trailing through their land, stopping, spotting and moving, we saw a movement behind the bushes. Every jaded eye turned agile.

Suddenly there was a bustle followed by silence. Pounding hearts wishing to get even a tiny sight of the Tiger in its own den. We followed the movement, it stopped, so did we. We waited and waited and in a while, we lost its sight. We decided to move forward. We witnessed dancing peacocks, roosting Pittas and spotted deer in their natural facets. But Tiger remained etched in our heads. In sweltering heat, we roamed around. Deer and Peacock continued to signal us of the beast around. The curiosity kept increasing and we didn’t want to miss even a single sight of it.

It was all silent. Only the rustling leaves. There was a movement behind those dark green knee-high bushes. We stalked along the bushes but it was very difficult to see those stripes. And just as we kept the rhythm of the wildcat… We moved along, along the movement. Our eyes brighten up with determination and possibilities. It took a while, we reached near a lake and the wait came to an end.

The beast walking in its pride, with its burning eyes and that casual saunter had our eyes glued. Through the bushes, on the trail and to the lake. Time stood still and it was only him and his grandeur on his land. He sipped water from the lake, strolled around a bit and we, we gorged on this sight.

Tejasvi Lohia







Tejasvi Lohia

Tejasvi is a Nature Enthusiast and an avid traveller. She was the Coordinator at Wilson College Nature Club and has travelled many less explored places in India.