Why do we need digital detoxification?

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Digital Detoxification

Digital Detoxification

It’s getting difficult to switch off and keep our eyes off.

Digital devices have incorporated themselves into our daily routine as a necessity. From the advantages of the new technologies to camouflaging/demeaning the importance of health, in terms of physical and mental. The digital world has provided tremendous support in a variety of ways but we failed to unveil the threat.

It’s time to cut off from panic attacks and anxiety and connect with our own selves. To find our hidden peace, power and potential one such idea to escape stressful life, is to explore ‘Digital Detoxification’.

On an average, a human familiar with the digital world spends almost five hours on phone, one hour forty minutes on social media per day.

We aren’t consuming technology, technology is consuming us.

Let me put it this way,
What if your alarm didn’t ring the next morning, no YouTube when you’re bored, no facebook, no Twitter, no internet, nobody to talk to? You’re left alone with your own self. What would be your reaction?

I’m sure 90% of us would be anxious, restless or would like to just fall asleep because we have nothing better to do.

We have lost our own touch; we are lost under those deadlines, piled up files, pending work, emails, appointments etc. Our mind is getting exhausted to work overtime, to be productive all the time.

Do you realize how dependent we are?  How do we disconnect with this digitally dependent world?


Is it all worth it? Is it more important than us?

Why ‘Digital Detoxification’?

Our monotonous routine is almost inevitable, but it’s extremely important to help your brain replenish and refresh. In this digitally bound world, it’s better to have a healthy relationship with your digital devices to lead a mindful life.

Let’s Go outdoors strongly believes, the very basic and an effective way of digital detoxing is to connect with nature, subsequently taking you where you belong.

What we have for you and how is it helpful?

A 4 day trip of Digital detoxification will help:

1: Reducing anxiety and stress.

Researchers show the immoderate use of technology has a relation with anxiety. Consciously or unconsciously we are seeking self-validation on Social media because it’s like a mirror to us with which we are surrounded all the time.
Keep your devices aside. Set out exploring the forests on your foot. The forest has its own smell which soothes our senses, ending up reducing stress. Scientifically proven, the smell of the forest helps reducing stress hormone i.e., cortisol. Forest walks aid learning and memory too.

2: Promotes productivity

This is what we die for every day. Spending time in the forest helps in calming all our senses. Our mind gets much-deserved rest and renewed energy will help you with innovative ideas and bursts of productivity which would eventually increase your work level.

3: Releasing happy hormones

With the forest walks, we also have fun and recreational team activities and some unexpected adventure because monotony is too mainstream. These activities would in a way help us in improving people skills as it would be more of in-person conversation than WhatsApp or facebook messages.

4: Helps you at an emotional level

Our life is full of ups and downs, rejection and loss. You need to get over it. Heal yourself and not ruminate.
Nature has the ability to pause the train of thoughts and bring you awareness of present and fill you with awe. Nature gives us larger perspective and helps us solve our problems by helping us asking right questions. It also helps us set our priorities right.

Join us on Digital Detoxification.

Let's Go Digital Detoxification Portfolio

Elimination isn’t possible, but maintaining a balance and having a healthy relationship with the digital world is important. With this trip, you’ll understand how to incorporate digital detoxification into your daily routine. I hope it encourages to explore the hidden peace, power, and potential within each of us.

It’s a never-ending rat race, take out some time to live the life you’ve earned.


Digital Detoxification
Tejasvi is a nature enthusiast, a wildlife and travel photographer

Tejasvi Lohia