Almost 600 trees planted in one of the drought affected villages in Aurangabad

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Let’s Go Outdoors along with Wilson College Nature Club had organised a tree planting session in one of the drought affected villages in Aurangabad.

This was one of the most challenging tree planting sessions organised in recent time by the us, as there was a target to achieve. The team was comparatively smaller in number but was highly motivated and productive.

Honestly, the drive from Mumbai to Aurangabad was super long & exhaustive due to bad roads and heavy traffic on the highways. All the participants from the Wilson College Nature Club group were highly motivated as always & were looking forward to a good tree planting session. The stay was comfortable & food was good, which was very well arranged by the DHFL team. The company, which is working with these drought affected villages on drought mitigation projects for quite sometime now.

After a quick rest, when we reached the village early morning, the villagers were happy to see us. The resources were already in place. After a quick briefing session by the Crazy Old Man we all started planting the trees. Everyone worked as a team nd working towards a goal of planting maximum number of trees as possible. After three hours of absolute hard work we managed to plant 587 trees which was a good number of the team of almost 30 participants. We planted all native trees in this area like Banyan, Karanj, Neem, Shivan, etc., we also planted some trees of Gliricidia & Jatropha.

The villagers very happy with the work & assured to take care of these trees, as they very well know the importance of it. I am looking forward to a good survival rate here. So when we go back to the village sometime later in our life we will get to enjoy the shade of these trees.

Cheers to life.