Amazing Arunachal

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This was one of the best trip what Let’s Go Outdoors has organised. We personally believe that every individual at least every indian must visit this heavenly state in India. We had 35 nature enthusiast from one of the well known colleges in Mumbai. The total journey was of 137 hours most of it was by train, we crossed more than 10 states in India to reach this place. Arunachal has extra ordinary biodiversity. The types of flora and fauna present here is just unimaginable.
We visited places like Pakke National Park, Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary & Tawang.
Pakke National Park was one of those very few national parks in India, where you are allowed the forest on foot. Obviously with platoon of armed forest rangers. The experience was beyond words. Also in th vicinity we visited Tippi Orchid Park, Tippi Interpretation Centre.
The Eagle’s Nest, as name suggest was the birding paradise. People form around the world visit here for birding. The best part about our visit was we were camping inside the jungle. Can see presence of an elephants around. Some locals told us there are around 17 elephants in the park at that moment. Could here hog deer as if it was in our backyard. Can here some movement outside our tents as well at late night.
Tawang has historical importance since Indo Sino war in 1962. The monuments and war memorials tell us so much about the brave indian soldiers and their stories. Visit to Bumla was another experience and we get to see the Indo China border and experience  the snow. Also enjoyed SeLa (Pass), Madhuri Lake, Tawang war memorial, Tawang Monastery, Nunnery & Nuranang Waterfall (jan falls).