Every Action Has . . .

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Friends it’s high time to start thinking about something, very seriously!

Why on earth, in some of the religions we worship natural elements. Seen some people religiously worshiping Sun, Wind, Rain, Fire, Water in the form of Rivers & Sea, Trees, Snakes, Turtle, Tigers, Elephants, Birds like Bharadwaj, Owl, etc. Don’t you think they play a significant role in our life? I am sure they do.

I have seen many people offering prayers to sun early morning when they first step out of their houses. Is it because it give us a free of cost vitamin D or it’s because its an essential source of energy for plants from which we get all the vegetables & fruits. If you observe, lot of smaller festivals where people worship trees like Baniyan & Pepal. Does that mean we don’t respect or worship the smaller plants? Of course not, we do respect them as well, when we plough them in monsoon for grains & cereals. Rains means monsoon means water, plays such an important role in our day to day life. People worship it big time especially farmers. Water not only gives life it also gives a source of proteins & amino acids in the form of fishes. Snake is our friend and worshiping ones a year is an ideal way to say thank you to him for playing his role in keeping the pests under control. Some of the tribes in India till date worship Tigers as messenger of lord Shiva where as some relate Elephants to various gods like lord Ganesh to money goddess Lakshmi. Do you know, people consider some birds as auspicious, if they visit human habitats & one of them is Bharadwaj.
I wonder do they really bring you luck, change your fortune, gives you money?? I still wonder & don’t want to get into it. But I personally feel they must have given this status by our ancestor for a reason. What do you think must be the reason? Being a nature enthusiast & a science student I can only come up with one logical explanation, that they all play a significant roles in our life directly or indirectly.
Look around and see how badly we have abused them especially in last 70-100 years. Talk about sun & the conversation will lead to ozone layer depletion, skin cancers and what not. Trees & forest are getting chopped in the name of developments like there is no tomorrow, of course without them we will have NO tomorrow. Water reservoirs are getting polluted under various excuses as waste dumps to some festivals or rituals. I think need not mention here about poor birds & animals as their numbers are going down every minute & unfortunately they can only see human beings around them on land, in water and also in air. All of them are in real danger. Don’t you think we need to do some thing about it?

I am a strong believer of Newton’s Laws, one of them says ‘every action has equal an opposite reaction’. So every little action of polluting, cutting, killing & destroying will ultimately affect us in some or the other manner. We (people from this era) are lucky to see some of the nature’s beauty and some extinct animals till date, but our future generations won’t be as lucky as we are. That’s because we let this go so easily. Time to think, time to action & time to save what we have. Your smallest of efforts will have the biggest of effect on this planet. Trust me!
So why not start today, on the occasion of the WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, because friends it’s high time to take nature very seriously!