Let’s Go Bhandardara Kids Camp | Overnight Camp


Dates: 28th – 29th October 2017

Cost: ₹ 2,800/-

Location : Bhandardara – Maharashtra

We understand that the digital age is much faster. The kids are smarter but they are rarely exposed to how their parents lived their childhood. Exams are over now! It’s time for them to enjoy learning skills. They deserve the time to learn how to learn from nature and each other. We intend to make this camp for kids so that they are at the best of their comfort zone to learn from the people around them. The best part is the people are the kids of their own age, of their talents and of their potential.

  • Over Night Camp Participants will stay overnight at a lakesite
  • Water splash in the lake A group activity to make common grounds
  • Explore Nature An exploration walk through jungle
  • Learn to open up Learn to socialize with strangers