Urban Unplug Digital Detox

Another year is coming to an end. And as you strive to keep pace with the unkept promises of 2018 and unravel its many gifts, we wish you managed to find some ‘me time’ for yourself. For we believe that sometimes slowing down is the most precious gift we can give ourselves. If your answer is a ‘no’, then we have just the perfect getaway for you.

Three days of retreat in one of the finest eco-resorts of the country, hidden away in the forests of Jim Corbett. During this time, the only purpose would be to explore the connection with Self & Others without any gadgets. Unplug your urban connections, email pop-ups, meeting notifications, alarms and stress. Reconnect with yourself amidst a jungle, fresh air and songs of birds.

We would love and live by the laws of nature. We would lean into the sounds of the river.
We would walk barefoot to experience the life of the forest. We would use colours and shapes for self-expression.
We would seek the mysteries of the night sky. We would learn the songs of the birds.
We would celebrate like no other. So come along!
Alone, with a friend or a partner.


Urban Unplug

13th to 16th December 2018


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