Bhavik talks about one of the most memorable trips of his life!

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We did a 10 nights 11 day family trip to Srinagar and Ladakh with Let’s Go in July 2016.

Given that we were taking our parents we wanted the trip to be planned meticulously and that is exactly what we got. The trip was so well managed and over and above that the health tips given (specially for my parents aged 56 to 60) really helped us to complete it without facing a single health issue.

We started our trip through Srinagar as was suggested to ascend to Leh gradually to avoid altitude sickness. This was a time when Srinagar was under curfew and we were really tensed before
the trip. The hotel owners and drivers assigned to us were really good and that reduced our anxiety with regards to Srinagar. Our driver came to pick us up at 3:00 am in the morning at our houseboat so that we move out of Srinagar before daylight as trouble if any could happen during the day. We felt this was a wonderful gesture and allayed any concerns we had with regards to Kashmir and the trip ahead.

Both the drivers – one for Srinagar to Leh and other for Ladakh tour- were really skilled and knew the places well. The local support that we had in Ladakh was amazing and ensured we enjoyed the trip to the fullest. As the mobile sim cards did not work, the information of our whereabouts were passed on to our family members through other drivers on the same route. This proved that the local network was really strong. Luckily we got to see all the places mentioned in our itinerary.

This will remain one of the most memorable trips of our lives.

Thank you Sandesh and Let’s Go for this amazing experience.