Megha Sekharan talks about her experience with Let’s Go Outdoors

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I ended up visiting Rishikesh, my maiden outing with SANDESH aka SANDY by chance, with a recommendation from my friend but it turned out to be a life changing experience for me. The immense efforts of SANDY made each and every moment of that trip memorable. Most of us in the trip were total strangers but during the course of the 3 days trip we became a close knit group as SANDY ensured that each of us came out of our comfort zone and mingled with each other by keeping us engaged in activities and always encouraging us to try explore new things.The location of our camp on the banks of Ganges,the food, the various activities like trekking,rock climbing,rappelling,white water rating, travelling in open jeep etc made the trip truly thrilling and adventurous.

I was a bit apprehensive about my trip to Leh ( my second outing with SANDY ) due to its difficult terrain and climatic conditions but with SANDY’s support I managed to complete the trip and now have the most memorable experience of my life. During this trip, I happened to express my wish to visit few places which were not part of the itinerary but as always SANDY readily/ willingly obliged. I have heard the travel narratives of many who visited Rishikesh & Leh but I must admit the experiences I had were much more satisfying/mystifying and here I have no hesitation to admit how and to what extent SANDY made a difference to an otherwise so called just a trip.

From my personal experience I can vouch that he is truly dedicated to his profession or a more appropriate word would be to his passion and this is what makes the entourage highly contented , thus making us think about our next trip with SANDY at the earliest. In addition, SANDY provides continuous inputs on the flora, fauna, stars, information about the specific location etc enriching you with abundant knowledge after each trip.
To describe SANDY in a few lines would be just inadequate, however “to put it simply”, he is truly passionate about his profession and he makes every trip extra special and ensures that we do not miss even minor details of it.

I am constrained to limit my description of SANDY and the trips I had with him in a few lines and hence I recommend a trip with him to actually experience what I intend to.

Megha Sekharan
Company Secretary
Tata Capital Forex Limited