Our adventure to unexplored Arunachal Pradesh

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Arunachal Pradesh or the Orchid State of India is an unexplored Paradise on Earth. It’s name translates as Land of the Dawn-Lit Mountains; rightly from the beautiful peaks that are lit with the first ray of sun which no camera can present- it’s a must experience!

Let’s Go organised a trip to this state with a belief that every individual should visit this heavenly state atleast once. This trip was customised for 35 nature enthusiasts from a renowned college in Mumbai.

Core forest areas of Pakke National Park, Eagle’s Nest Wildlife Sanctuary & Tawang were covered over a span of 10 days.

Tippi Orchid Park, Tippi Interpretation Centre were interesting visits. The Eagle’s Nest, as name suggest was a birding paradise.

Tawang, the most historical of all in Arunachal, was an experience to revere. It gained significance after the Indo Sino war in 1962. The monuments and war memorials reinstill the pride and gratitude towards our brave indian soldiers.

At Bumla, the Indo China border holds grounds. The SeLa (Pass), Madhuri Lake, Tawang war memorial, Tawang Monastery, Nunnery & Nuranang Waterfall (jan falls) add to the charm of the trip.

But what leaves a chill in the winds is camping inside the jungle. Indeed, with elephant growls, hog deer calls in the backyard it is an experience of where we belong!